Ezra Miller shelters mother and three children in a house full of guns, says website

Actor Ezra Miller is accused of sheltering a mother with three children on a farm in the United States, in a place described as unsafe for minors. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the Vermont estate would be littered with guns and drugs, with the actor’s own behavior in place posing a risk to the boys, who are between one and five years old.

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As people close to the case told the website, the wife and children have lived on the farm since mid-April, shortly after they met in Hawaii a month earlier — around the same time as the actor’s bar riots. According to the children’s father, Miller took them to Vermont without his consent and he has not been able to contact the family since.

According to reports, the actor keeps mother and children in a house full of guns and drugs (Image: Reproduction/Warner Bros.)

The big issue is that, as the sources explain, the place is not suitable for such young children. One of them claims that there are several weapons scattered around the property and all of them are easily accessible even for the little ones. In one of the reported episodes, the one-year-old baby managed to grab one of the pistols and even took the ammunition to his mouth.

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chaotic weather

Rolling Stone had access to video of the location and counted at least eight weapons among pistols, rifles and assault weapons in what appeared to be the property’s living room. In addition, there were also other unidentified weapons near some stuffed animals.

The children’s father says that Miller took his family away and has since been unable to contact him (Image: Handout/Warner Bros)

According to the sources, the atmosphere inside the property is quite chaotic, which is exacerbated by the free use of drugs in front of the children. They allege that they have witnessed both Miller and the boys’ mother smoking marijuana in front of the little ones several times and that there is a plantation of the drug on the property beyond what Vermont’s boundaries allow.

The father says that, ever since he learned about the weapons and the free use of drugs in the house, he has been trying to regain custody of his children. The Department of Children and Families (DFC) — the local equivalent of the Guardianship Council — and the Vermont police have already been called.

Domestic violence

Without having her identity revealed, the mother told Rolling Stone that she was a victim of domestic violence and that Ezra Miller helped her escape the abuse committed by her ex-husband. According to her, the actor gave shelter to her and her children, offering what he called a safe environment.

According to the mother, the actor helped her get rid of domestic violence (Image: Playback/Warner Bros)

Regarding the weapons, she did not deny their existence, mentioning that they are only for self-defense and that they are all kept in an area of ​​the house that children do not have access to. According to her, the three are doing well thanks to the “security and affection that Ezra has been giving”.

Contacted by Rolling Stone, DFC said it visited the farm on May 16 and that the children seemed fine, but there was still more work to be done. The agency did not detail, however, what these pending issues were, nor about a possible return to the property.

problem history

This is just another episode of confusion and controversy surrounding Ezra Miller in recent months. the actor of The Flash has been collecting popular headlines to the point where his future with Warner is questioned.

The actor has been appearing more in the police news than in news about his films (Image: DISCLOSURE/Warner Bros)

In 2020, he caught the world’s attention by appearing in a video assaulting a fan. In the footage, taken in Iceland, Miller knocks a young woman to the ground and tries to strangle her.

In 2022, he was arrested in Hawaii after causing a disturbance in a bar and threatening some of the locals. A few days later, he returned to the police news when a couple filed a restraining order against the Flash interpreter over threats and an attempt to steal the staff’s passport.

However, things took a turn for the worse a few weeks ago, when an American family also filed a lawsuit asking for restrictive measures after the actor acted “inappropriately” with a 12-year-old child and threatened family members. In another case, the parents of an 18-year-old accuse the actor of having bullied and drugged the girl — although she said she was not coerced into anything and even posted a video defending Ezra Miller.

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