Ezra Miller would have been seen with a bulletproof vest and a gun according to his same friends

There is no doubt that Ezra Miller is one of the most fashionable actors in recent months in the entire Hollywood scene, especially after assuming the leading role in “The Flash”a tape that will be released in mid-2023 under the production of DC Movies. However, the renowned 29-year-old artist has been going through a series of misfortunes after being denounced for assault.

Although we all believed that his stardom in “The Flash” would only bring him a good omen, the also actor of “Fantastic Animals” It has been in the doldrums in recent weeks, as it has starred in a series of unfortunate events that have managed to become a trend on social networks.

But, it turned out that, according to the medium “The Direct”, the big screen artist has begun to act abnormally in recent days, which has alerted his closest family and friends.

According to the details presented by the aforementioned media, Miller walks freely through the avenues and alleys of the United States on top of his car while jokingly carrying a bulletproof vest and a firearm. In this regard, Tokata Iron Eyec, activist and friend of Ezra, assures that this is nothing more than “a security measure in response to actual attacks and death threats received.”

Far from being the only one to express Ezra’s current situation, one of his closest friends has also declared certain details about the problems that the protagonist of “The Advantages of Being Invisible” has been going through, who apparently is suffering from a picture of Mental illness.

“That’s the person I’m grieving for now… he was always a little different from other people his age, but he wasn’t scary. We were very, very good friends. She is very sad”, one of Ezra’s friends pointed out.


To date, the popular actor has not come out to deny such accusations personally, although it is also worth saying that no images of the actor carrying weapons or wearing a safety vest have been presented.

At the moment there is no position of Ezra Miller before these accusations. In social networks, images of the actor carrying weapons have not been disseminated either, however, users debate surprised with the changes that he presented in recent months. However, users have been theorizing about the physical changes that the artist has been presenting in recent weeks after publishing various photographs on social networks.

Of course, various sources indicate that the film “The Flash”, which would come out in June of next year, would be nothing to be canceled after the avalanche of complaints that the main figure of the film has been going through.


Although for many it is a new topic, various followers have already begun to record the occasions in which Miller showed his “madness”, something that seems to have gotten out of control in the last few hours.

In fact, the histrion had an unpleasant event with a fanatic, who grabbed her by the neck before the attentive gaze of people and, obviously, the camera. Did you see it?

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