Facebook and Instagram want to sell you virtual clothes for almost 10 euros

The social media giant wants to diversify its income by offering clothes to dress up its avatar. It will cost between 3 and 9 euros.

It is a rather discreet announcement that was made on June 17 by Facebook. On the social network of the same name, as well as on its subsidiaries Instagram and Messenger, the Californian company will soon be selling virtual clothes. They are intended to dress avatars, 3D characters that users can create.

3 to 9 euros for Prada or Balenciaga (virtual)

“Digital products will be an important way to express yourself in the metaverse – a virtual reality video game environment that Facebook wants to develop, editor’s note – and significant support for the creative economy” rejoiced Mark Zuckerberg, on his Facebook profile.

For now, these aesthetic and digital accessories are accessible from our good old smartphones.

Facebook has entered into a partnership with three luxury brands, Balenciaga, Prada and Thom Browne, which will be the first to offer their creations. Users will have to pay between 3 and 9 euros to afford them, the company said. at Reuters.

Facebook, however, did not specify the amount of its commission on these sales.

For now, avatars can be created by each user on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger to replace their profile picture or to brighten up conversations in the form of virtual stickers.

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