Facebook bans extension that allowed to delete all friendships and pages

Last week was undoubtedly very difficult for Facebook. In addition to the blackout on Monday, the testimony of former employee Frances Haugen to the US Senate revealed alleged compromising acts of the company. Parallel to this, Facebook decided to ban a developer who created a Google Chrome extension called Unfollow Everything.

As the name says, the extension allows the user to delete all friendships as well as the accompanying pages. This process cleaned up the news feed, and circumvented the social network algorithm. Check out all the details below.

What did the extension do?

In short, who created Unfollow Everything is developer Louis Barclay. FORThrough the extension, the user could delete all of their Facebook connections, including the pages they followed. Thus, the news feed became a blank page, which allowed to reformulate what was seen on the home page.

Given Facebook’s attitude, the user needs to unfollow friends or pages individually. And this attitude does not cause the user to completely lose their feed settings.

When creating the extension, Barclay got a warning letter from the social network. The company’s justification is that the tool “automated interactions between users”, which violates the terms of conduct of the platform.

According to Barclay, his tool is being used in academic research at the University of Neuchâtel in Switzerland. There, researchers assess the effects that the news feed has on user happiness. Nonetheless, as it has no way of fighting Facebook, it will delete the extension.

With information, The Verge.

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