Facebook: blacklist of 4,000 criminals, terrorists and hate groups has been disclosed

Facebook’s blacklist of dangerous individuals and organizations banned from the platform has been disclosed. It includes more than 4,000 criminals, terrorists, hate groups, militarized social movements and violent non-state actors.

Facebook a banni thousands of individuals and groups on its platform. This blacklist of the social network is called the DIO for “Dangerous Individuals and Organizations” in English. This is the list of dangerous individuals and organisms in French. It was disclosed in August by the Facebook Supervisory Board who believes that ” information is in the public interest ».

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Facebook’s blacklist was published and edited by The Intercept in order to be more readable. According to experts, this list and the general moderation applied by Facebook are ” a clear embodiment of US concerns, political concerns and foreign policy values ​​since 9/11 “. However, this facebook policy does not apply only to the United States, but worldwide.

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Facebook uses 3-tier system to classify dangerous individuals and organizations

In total, the list is made up of over 4000 dangerous individuals and organisms that fall into different categories. There are hatred, terrorism, crime, militarized social movements and violent non-state actors. Facebook describes this category as ” entities that engage in acts of violence against state or military actors, but generally do not target civilians ».

Facebook moderators use a three-tier system to classify dangerous individuals and organisms. Level 1 corresponds to terrorist, criminal and hateful organizations. Level 2 includes violent non-state actors. As for level 3, it is made up of militarized social movements and conspiratorial networks inciting violence. It also includes individuals or groups who have been banned for having incited to hatred on the platform.

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53.7% of Facebook’s blacklist is terrorism

According to The Intercept, 70% level 1 of the DIO list corresponds to terrorism. It is composed ” largely from organizations and individuals from the Middle East and South Asia “. Other criminal organizations at this level are the drug cartels and street gangs which are ” mostly black and latino “. All levels combined, 53.7% of the blacklist corresponds to terrorism and 23.3% to militarized social movements. Then 17% of the list represents hate groups. Criminals occupy 4.9% of this list compared to only 1% for violent non-state actors.

Finally, Facebook’s policy director for counterterrorism and dangerous organizations, Brian Fishman, clarified that this list had not been published before so as not to compromise moderation. He explained to The Intercept that ” We don’t want terrorists, hate groups or criminal organizations on our platform, which is why we ban them and remove content that praises, represents or supports them. Facebook team of over 350 specialists focused on stopping these organizations and assessing emerging threats ».

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