Facebook error – Frank Zander posts status “Marriage today”

Berlin – Small tick, big effect …

Former master Frank Zander (79, “Here comes Kurt”) has alarmed his fan base (around 128,000 followers) with a Facebook error. Interim balance: more than 7000 reactions and 1500 comments!

What happened?

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The singer contrites and smiles at BILD: “Facebook asked me to fill in my status. I want to move with the times, so of course you have to obey. I clicked on married! Which is also true. I love my Evy more than anything. But somehow it went really bad. Because after a few minutes there were hundreds of comments and congratulations on the wedding. I was really scared. The contribution suddenly read: Marriage today! “

Detlef Spandau commented: “Congratulations. Then Berlin turned into a party mile. “

Or Babette Ebenroth: “Congratulations on the wedding. All the best for the future together. “

Oh weh! Man, Fränky …

“I quickly cleared everything up and uploaded my wedding photo from 1968 as evidence. I never would have thought that a click would have so much impact … “, the singer tells BILD.

What does your dear wife say about your faux pas?

“My wife Evy laughed a lot at the unfortunate mistake and said: ‘Typical for you and double mistake.’ Because we got married in May 1967 … “

Ui, ui, ui! But then an extra-large gift is due for the next wedding anniversary.

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