Facebook groups help get baby formula

Photo credit: EFE/EPA/ERIK S. LESSER

Wilmington, NC.- Milk in baby formula has become increasingly scarce due to supply chain problems nationwide due to problems in the chain that distributes it, so a group of parents in the New Hanover County area have created a group on Facebook to track and help get the product.

Manufacturer Abbott Nutrition has had to recall several brands and close one of its factories following reports of babies developing bacterial infections after ingesting the formula.


Now, parents are trying to give each other resources to trace the formula. Some publications have guides for generic versions of brand-name formulas, while others highlight which milks are available in local stores.

The Wilmington Moms Group has close to 10,000 members, while a newer group, “Wilmington & Surrounding Area’s Baby Formula Search,” is approaching 100 members.

“If you have formula you can’t use, trade or donate to another mom in need. If you sell it, you only charge the exact amount it cost. No profit or prey on babies in need!” said Theresa Marchese Babb, creator of “Wilmington & Surrounding Area’s Baby Formula Search.”

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has considered a new website to help parents with infant formula problems: hhs.gov/formula.

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