Facebook launches its copy of Clubhouse around the world

Facebook wants to make a name for itself in the audio industry and will certainly not give up its place to the competition. In response to the sudden interest shown by Internet users for Clubhouse, the social network unveiled a few months ago its intention to focus on the arrival of new features based on an audio experience.

Launched in June in the United States, live chat rooms are now available to all users. The function, originally designed for personalities and influencers, is also available within groups.

For now, the creation of an audio chat room must be initiated from an iOS or Android smartphone. However, it is possible to access it and listen to what is said there from the Web version of Facebook. As for audio chat rooms created within Facebook groups, administrators keep control of the people authorized to access them, these rooms can be public or private.

In addition, Facebook is giving access to “Soundbites”, its voice clips, short audio messages similar to Reels, Instagram’s short videos, to a greater number of users in the United States, with a deployment more important in the coming weeks.

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Finally, with regard to its podcast service, available for the time being only for its American users, Facebook has indicated that it is preparing its arrival in other markets in the near future.

The social network also explained that it focused on creating moderation tools dedicated to these new voice exchange channels. Facebook indicates that it has put in place tools capable of automatically identifying inappropriate content and thinking about how to moderate content that does not respect its rules, a crucial point for the social network, in turmoil while its various applications are accused of ‘have particularly toxic effects on adolescents.

Source : The Verge

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