Facebook plans to open physical stores to promote the metaverse

In order for the metaverse to find followers, virtual reality must be promoted. Facebook has understood this and is planning to open physical stores where users can learn about the technology.

Virtual reality headsets have been around for several years, but they have never found their audience. None of these devices was a commercial success and virtual reality is now a technological niche. But Facebook wants to reverse the trend.

According to New York Times, Meta, the new name of the Facebook group, plans to open its own stores to familiarize citizens with virtual reality and in fine, encourage them to use the metaverse, a virtual universe imagined by Facebook. Opening physical places to promote virtual technology is paradoxical, but the tech giant is no longer close to a contradiction.

In the “metaverse”, a contraction of the words “meta” (which refers to an overall vision) and “universe”, users could live a parallel life in the virtual world: work, meet people, have fun … All this, accessible thanks to the famous virtual reality headset.

Towards a commercial flop?

Mark Zuckerberg, the boss of Facebook, understood this well, for this technology to be massively used, people have to get used to it. To do this, Meta (formerly Facebook) only has to promote the virtual reality devices of its subsidiary Oculus VR in dedicated stores, where customers can experiment with the technology.

It remains to be seen whether these stores will be a commercial success, on the model of Apple and its Apple Stores, now the most profitable stores in the world per square meter, ahead of luxury stores. But Facebook stores could also meet the same fate as those of Google or Microsoft, which were simply closed for lack of customers.

Anthony Morel with Pauline Dumonteil

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