Facebook: That’s why fake profiles are not deleted despite reporting and you can do that

  • For this reason lay scammers fake profiles
  • This is what happens when you point it fall in
  • who checks fake accounts?
  • Why not only you suspicious profiles should report
  • Here’s how you can do yours stolen identity Report

Sabine B.* is desperate: Suspected scammers have a Facebook Profile with her name and even with one of hers profile pictures created. The purpose of the action is obvious because a Facebook friend gave her one Screenshot a message he im Messenger received, sent. Sabine looks good, can be seen in a pool in the photo. criminal sense the chance to attract men with the help of the fake profile and up fraudulent sites to trick into. be in the message suggestive photos offered by Sabine. All you have to do is click on the link provided. Some of her Facebook friends reported this fake profile. Facebook’s sobering feedback: “Our technology has received your report of a violation of our Community standards checked. We finally decided to create the profile not to remove.”

What is the purpose of scammers on Facebook?

A scam: Criminals look for a profile of a good looking woman and basically copy it. They write on their behalf in Messenger potential victims – mostly men. Facebook friends often assume that someone they know user created a second profile because, for example, she password has forgotten. Create the familiar photo and name trust. The goal: the men should be one click linkon which you can see more of the woman – supposed Nude photos or videos. These exist of course not. Rather, you have to go to the website first Questions respond.

In Sabine’s case, these still show erotic content there. You should be in the first hint “Yes” confirm that they keep the “identities of girlfriends and single mothers secret.” one of three questions. According to the renowned fact checkers of Mimikama you will be asked last, your E-mail address Enter “for verification”. As soon as you do that, snap them fall to.

The least evil can do a lot spam mails be with unsolicited advertising. But you can also become a victim subscription trap or from phishing attacks will. The bandwidth scams is big, but one thing is for sure: the criminals don’t run anything Good up to it. The problem: Affected don’t notice the disaster themselves, since the identity thieves the original profile mostly block.

Fake profiles: Verification is automated

How can it be that Facebook does that Obvious ignored? Profiles are by no means checked manually, rather it is plugged in automated process behind. This is different parameter perish. “Our systems are looking for a row different signalsthat indicate whether accounts are fake,” explains a spokesman for the German branch of Meta in Hamburg. Operating under this name Facebook since last year.

The system verifies that accounts moderately created from one location or the accounts suspicious email addresses underlie. “Also will checked automatically“, so the spokesman, “whether a sample of suspicious behavior or already removed accounts are linked to the account.” Through the automatic verification process can apparently fake profiles, which do not exactly correspond to the parameters, slip through. He adds: “Nevertheless, in many cases we are further along relythat fake user accounts are reported to us so we can investigate.”

Of the Meta speaker adviseswhen reporting fake accounts not to report the whole profilebut certain content, such as posts or messages. “These help our teams to react faster and correctly.” In Sabine’s case it was therefore advisable to messenger conversation to report, explains the Facebook employee.

Facebook: How to report your stolen identity

In messenger on mobile devices is it possible to specifically report accounts that are specific to you or someone else you know spend.

  1. you open under “chat” the conversation with fake profile and tap the profile name at the top.
  2. Then scroll down and tap “There is something wrong”.
  3. You then have the option of changing the category “Imitation” to select.
  4. In order for Facebook to connect, you must select the person to be impersonated. Then you click on “send feedback”.
  5. Lastly, you tap “Report Conversation” and choose “Report Entire Conversation”.

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At the Extinguish of fake profiles relies Facebook very on the own techniquewhich apparently not all criminal intentions recognizes. Due to the request of InFranken.de the employees of the social network have a copy of Sabine’s profile checked manually and deleted.

if you a fake profile want to report, you should individual posts or news report the wrong profile. That increases the chance of that Facebook system detects the attempted fraud. Don’t be afraid to Facebook friends inform, if you receive spam messages under their names. Because they themselves don’t notice anything because they are told by the scammers be blocked.

Tip: Hide your friends list or at least set them up so that they are only from friends can be seen. This is what your profile does for Criminals less interestingbecause they like that no users from your list via Messenger.

* Name changed by editors

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