Faced with shortages, the US will buy formula milk from Mexico

Washington.- The US government announced that it will provide logistical support to import the equivalent of some 16 million bottles of formula milk from Mexico starting next weekend due to shortages caused by the closure of the largest factory in the United States.

Trucks contracted by the Health Department will transport 450,000 kilograms of Gerber Good Start Gentle formula from a Nestlé plant to US retailers, the White House said. This will almost double the amount imported by the United States to date. Cargo planes have flown formula milk from Europe and Australia, including two series of airlifts due to begin over the weekend.

The regulatory authority in February closed a plant in Michigan of Abbott Laboratories, the largest manufacturer of formula milk in the country, for health reasons. The plant reopened on June 4 by adopting new health and safety protocols, but closed again more than a week ago due to damage from severe weather.

The company says it needs time to assess the damage and get the factory back on track after thunderstorms and heavy rains swept through southwestern Michigan on June 13.

Last month, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) eased import regulations to allow formula to be shipped to the United States, and President Joe Biden authorized the Defense of Production to give federal support to imports.

Today’s announcement includes airlifting the equivalent of 1.65 million 8-ounce bottles of NestlĂ© NAN Supremepro 2 formula to Texas over the weekend and the equivalent of 5.5 million bottles of Bubs formula on June 26 and 5. of July.

The White House says that by June 26 it will have imported the equivalent of 19 million baby bottles on 32 flights.

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