Facu does not know of victories! The Disgruntled lived the Superclassic

The beautiful triumph of Colo Colo 3-1 in the Chilean soccer Superclásico not only had repercussions in Chile, but also reached Argentine eyes and the popular channel Los Displicentes reacted to it.

It is already common to have the Chilean classic on your YouTube channel and for several years the four Argentine friends have not missed any of them and do the already traditional reacting.

As usual Matías, a Boca Juniors fan, is the supporter of Colo Colo in the video, and even poses with his 2012 shirt with a Copa Libertadores and with Esteban Paredes’ 7.

On the other hand, Facu and Martín wore the archrival’s shirt and, as usual, they lost again. Both have not seen the U win a Chilean soccer Superclásico.

Facu, true to his style, began to insult the classic as another fan of the U, causing the laugh of Mati, who does not know of defeat. Check out Los Displicentes’ entertaining reaction here:

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