Facundo González acknowledges that it is the “collagen” of Gisela Valcárcel in ‘El gran show’

The participant of the reality show ‘El gran show’, Facundo González acknowledges that he is the collagen of the television host, Gisela Valcárcel, as she assured in past editions of the dance program on Saturday nights.

Yes, I am Gisela’s collagen, anyway… I couldn’t carry her at this gala, but next time I’m going to carry her anyway, I love her! I tell Giselita that this is just beginning, she knows that I love her, and don’t worry, I’m never going to let her down”, said Facundo González.

After his companions said that the only galas he does well are those of sexy dance, the Argentine model clarified that he does not mind being slapped, but that the score is set by the jury and not by Gisela Valcárcel.

Let them keep talking, they are always going to harass me, they know that I answer, that I never remain silent, and if that works for them, that’s fine, I don’t mess with anyone. They say that I use strategies, don’t forget that the jury is the one who sets the score, and many times they have given me low grades, that Gisela has nothing to do with it“, he pointed.

Regarding the sentence that forces him to face Leysi, Suárez assured that it is fair that they placed him in those circumstances because he did not dance at the last gala.

Yes, it’s the fairest thing, I didn’t dance at the last gala, so we have to accept the sentence. I go against Leysi and tell them, “whoever stands in front of me, I’m going to want to eliminate him, if it’s Leysi now, I’m going to have to take Leysi out, I don’t fight against anyone.” She says that she is going to take me out of the program, but I think that the one who is leaving is her… I am not only going to take Leysi out, but I am going to get an 11, this gala is mine”, he said very sure.

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