Facundo González and his controversial comment about Leysi Suárez: “She is a cone, she does not transmit, we do nothing with her”

DON’T CARE! Although facundo gonzalez He does not stand out for his dancing skills, he was calm about being on trial with Leysi Suárez, in El Gran Show, since the dancer is “a cone” and it would not be more competition for him.

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“As I said from the first day, Leysi, whether she is there or not, is like a cone (…) She doesn’t transmit anything, she’s a pretty girl, and with that we don’t do anything”he expressed.

In addition, he remarked that Leysi Suárez only stayed by “luck”. “I gave him the nickname of cone (…) He doesn’t dance at all, he was lucky that they took Gabriela out, he stayed for that, then he got away with Rengifo once, “he added.


Facundo González was sentenced after injuring himself

In the eighth gala of El Gran Show, Facundo González was absent from the program, the same reality boy reported that he did not show up because he was delicate healthbecause he had suffered a tear while he was in his rehearsals on Tuesday, November 15.

Some competitors of Gisela’s reality show stated that it would all be an excuse and that made Facundo uncomfortable. “Lack of total camaraderie from my companions. I really don’t know but hey, I’m going to look forward like a horse. The horses do not look to the side, I go forward“, said.


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