Failed by customers: Coca-Cola takes Topo Chico Hard Seltzer off the market – but a replacement should come

originally comes Hard Seltzer from Australia, later that became Flavored alcoholic sparkling water also a hit in the US, UK and Japan. That’s what Coca-Cola built on when the company launched the drink “Topo Chico” brought onto the market in Germany. After barely two years, the Alcopop reissue but disappear from the shelves again.

According to the online magazine, the reason for the end of “Topo Chico” in Germany the low demand be after the bubbling alcohol water. The drink was introduced 2021 and was available in supermarkets in Tangy Lemon Lime, Tropical Mango and Cherry Acai flavors. Especially low calorie and still alcoholic should it be – the slogan was therefore also “Hard Seltzer – easy decision”.

Hardly any response from the customers – “Topo Chico” disappears from the shelves

“Topo Chico” is that first alcoholic drink in the range of Coca-Cola in general, and for example in the Netherlands and Great Britain it prevailed without any problems. The US beverage giant does not want to leave the segment in Germany either. According to should already be in the first quarter of next year Whiskey Cola mixed drink come to the German supermarkets. Coca-Cola has made sure of that jack daniels teamed up.

But where this will still be available for purchase in this country is another matter. The group has fallen out with the German retailers because they are the current ones price adjustments consider unjustified. Among other things, there is one delivery stop at Edeka, which will soon go into the next round of proceedings before the Hamburg Higher Regional Court.

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