Falcón and his motivation against U: “I’m going to play my first classic with people"

Colo Colo prepares to face Everton this afternoon at the Monumental stadium. The importance of the points and the possibility of increasing the advantage with their pursuers, give a special flavor to the match. Despite this, the players look askance and know that after avoiding the Viñamarinos, comes the duel that everyone wants to play: the Superclásico of Chilean football.

The meeting between Albos and azul will take place in an unprecedented venue. The fact that Universidad de Chile is exercising its location in Rancagua, due to the work carried out in the National Stadium, forced to transfer the event to the Lieutenant.

The sports venue will not be the only novelty, this because the last three classics have had to be played without an audience, due to the health restrictions caused by the pandemic. The advancement in the phases will allow the event to have fans in the stands, which for many players will have a special flavor.

“Well yes, obviously we are going game by game, but hey how people see it, which gives him another passion, another mystique on the field, a classic is going to be played, well, in my case, I’m going to play my first classic with people and if it’s going to be a party like we say in Uruguay, it’s going to be a nice game “, Maximiliano Falcón expressed in Estelarbet conversation.

To later refer to the possibility of converting a goal and remaining in the history of the Superclásicos. “I think it doesn’t happen alone here, in Uruguay too. There are players who are well known in the clubs for what they achieved, for the number of goals they made, etc., and there are players who, you say ‘let’s see … so and so, what did you think, that’s not a terrible player, more than anything that he appreciates in difficult moments or in key games like the classics’Those players are always remembered, so the games are very important … We in Uruguay, and I think here too, sometimes it is even said that they are like separate championships, that those games are the most important from the point of view in what it means in the history of each club, your eternal rival, your eternal archrival as they say, those games are beautiful “, Hill.

Falcón is excited about a new Classic.

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