Falcón crazy with Solari: “I only have talent to hit kicks"

Colo Colo hopes to ratify his great moment this afternoon when he faces Everton at the Monumental. In case of obtaining a victory, the advantage over his closest pursuers will increase and incidentally will continue with the streak of good results obtained in the last matches. The good atmosphere that exists in Macul is celebrated by the team of players and is perceived through the various activities carried out by the players on the team.

One of the most expressive and most loved by the people is Maximiliano Falcón, who has already adapted to the country, built excellent relationships with his teammates and where he goes he receives the affection of the fans who thank him for his dedication on the field.

Wig will start this afternoon where he hopes to add three points, he looks askance at the Chilean soccer Superclassic and in conversation with Estelarbet he celebrated the moment that the most popular institution in the country is experiencing. “It is beautiful to go first, we are going to face each game with that mentality. Today we go out to be protagonists, to try to win the game on any field and that is very good “, said the Uruguayan defender.

When asked about the most outstanding young player on the squad, he had doubts when answering, but finally chose one. “Choosing one as the most outstanding I think it would be unfair, to my liking … able to Pablo (Solari), I really like how he plays “he confessed.

At the end, Falcón highlighted the speed and dribbling of the kid, assuring that “sometimes (Solari) passes the rivals and you say ‘how does he do it, I wish I had that talent’. I only have a talent for kicking “, Hill.

All the strength of Maximiliano Falcón

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