Falcón leaves a U fan who supposedly yelled in his face as a mythomaniac

It is a fact that Maximiliano Falcón is one of the players most hated by non-Colo Colo fans. In fact, in the Superclásico he experienced a special match with so many chants against it.

However, El Peluca did not take it personally and, true to his style, he let all these insults go by and responded on the pitch, canceling out scorer Joaquín Larrivey in a great way.

In fact, there is so much hatred generated by the presence of Maximiliano Falcón among archrival fans that a Twitter user wanted to go smart with the colocolino player.

“I just saw Maxi Falcón in Parque Arauco and I yelled at him in tears. I’m happy”, he expressed. Even later in a Twitter response, he noted that he yelled it in his face. This message reached the Peluca, who responded.

“Don’t worry, no one dares up front. I didn’t even listen to him”, expressed El Peluca in his personal account, making it clear that this alleged action of the U fan was a tweety lie.

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