Falcón opens his heart remembering his hardest day in Colo Colo

Maximiliano Falcón was one of the players who contributed the most to Colo Colo to achieve our long-awaited stay last season, affirming the defense and injecting a fighting spirit into a team that was down and on the ground for several passages of the year.

Unfortunately not everything was good for the Wig in that fateful 2020, since it was precisely in those months where he lived one of the hardest moments of his young career, when a penalty of his resulted in the 1-1 against O’Higgins on the last date of the regular phase.

That tie forced us to play the game for permanence against Universidad de Concepción. Falcón felt that it was his responsibility and thus made it known in conversation Stellarbet, where the Uruguayan gave details of what that fateful moment was.

“We got to the locker room and there was a tremendous silence, and apart from that the results also didn’t happen, because everything was given for us to play the final match”, stated the wig.

In this sense, the defender explained that “He hit me hard, see that I am a person who has a lot of personality, and that they do not knock him down easily, but that game, that mistake I made.”

“It is more in a talk with my colleagues then I told them to excuse me that it had been the worst mistake I had made in my career, despite the fact that my career is still short, but yes, I hit hard, many people do not know it, but I hit very hard “, added.

Falcón’s penalty in added time that afternoon in Rancagua. | Photo: UNO Agency.

However, everything got worse in the privacy of his home when he arrived at night: “I got home, and my lady kind of ate that bitterness, not talking to her and I think I went to bed when I reached 40 minutes, and yes, don’t hold on, I started crying and I was done shit, but wrong, I was done bad pieces“Added Falcón.

Maxi Falcón was one of the team’s highest points in 2020. | Photo: UNO Agency.

Fortunately, the fanatic alba was key for the Wig to raise its head: “The next day I went to train and there were people outside and they told me ‘it’s okay, let’s go for the permanence game’ and the people and well my teammates also helped me to lift my head.”

Soccer gives revenge and Colo Colo with Falcón found her last Wednesday, September 8, when the albos went to El Teniente to see O’Higgins 3-2 and climb to the top of the tournament, leaving the difficult celestial ones in passing in the last positions.

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