Falcón surprised by the absence of colocolinos in La Roja

On Monday afternoon, Martín Lasarte, coach of the Chilean team, delivered the list of players who will be considered to play the triple date of the South American Qualifiers bound for Qatar 2022. A summons that surprised many by the absence of players from Colo Colo .

Maximiliano Falcón, was the first footballer from the Cacique squad to refer to the call for La Roja. “Personally, it seems strange to me, because the club is a leader and has shown good values ​​so that some of them are in the national team, but the coach will have his little book for his player tastes. But hey, they are ways of thinking”, he confessed in conversation with Radio ADN.

The popular Wig had words to remember the moment when he made the decision to come to the popular cast: “A lot of people told me that the club was bad, but I took it as a challenge. I didn’t hesitate for a second, because it was a great opportunity to play for a great team. It was an atypical season, but this year we set a goal which was to be champion, first of the Chile Cup, was achieved, and now we are going for the championship “, confessed the Uruguayan defender.

The defender also had words to acknowledge the change he experienced after the expulsion he suffered at the beginning of the season in the final of the Super Cup against the Catholic University. “What happened served to learn, I am a boy. It is good that these things happen so that one realizes”, and says that a conversation with Gustavo Quinteros helped him a lot: “I improved a little in not talking so much with the referees and the rivals. In that I have improved a lot, being a little more serious on the field “.

Falcón is grateful to the people and is still surprised by the expressions of affection he receives in the streets. “Yesterday I went to Parque Arauco, we went to eat, there was a boy from Colo Colo and he knelt down to kiss my shoes, he surprised me, it’s crazy. On the street there are always 50 photos, but it’s nice that they show affection”, he indicated.

Finally referring to the fight for the title. “Beyond that you have obtained several points to the direct rivals, nothing is guaranteed. It will be known with certainty in three or four more dates who are going to fight for the championship”, Hill.

Maximiliano Falcón lives a great moment in El Cacique.

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