Falcón tells who are the most picturesque of Colo Colo

Maximiliano Falcón is one of the most beloved players of the current Gustavo Quinteros team and wherever he goes he receives the affection of the colocolino fan, whether in the stadium or on the street.

El Peluca earned it on the court and every time he is letting go more at the time of being interviewed. On Tuesday night, the Uruguayan spoke with DirecTV Sports in a rather relaxed conversation with the Cacique.

Pablo Flamm, the journalist who interviewed him, asked him about the most fighters of the team. “Leo Gil. The red always well dressed. Parraguez too. Bolados out there too, they are the ones who always go with the best appearance”, he detailed.

The response of the Wig caused laughter among the people who were connected to Instagram Live, that is why the counter question came immediately: “Who dresses worse in Colo Colo?”.

Maximiliano Falcón in Colo Colo

“I, because I dress with SpongeBob, Patrick’s stockings, I always wear everything as monkeys. I even have a tattoo of Patrick, SpongeBob, the Cowardly Dog, and Pokémon.” the player sentenced.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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