Fall Guys: How to download the video game for free on Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC, get rewards and much more

Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC gamers have been heard: finally, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available on all platformsafter almost two years only for PlayStation users.

The video game developed by Mediatonic, initially published by Devolver Digital and later by Epic Games, is available for free download on all consolesafter being reissued as free-to-play.

Season 1 of this new era of Fall Guys in the video game universe could not have another name: free for allwith the craziest and funniest tests for players on different platforms.

Below, with information from the website of Meristationwe explain how to download for free Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, how to get rewards and we detail the differences of the game on each platform.

How to download Fall Guys on Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC

It’s as simple as accessing the store of your respective console, looking for the video game and clicking on download. The only requirement is to have an Epic Games account, which is also free. I had no problem downloading it from the first day of availability on my Xbox Series S.

Comparison of the versions

In his report, Meristation shared a comparative table between the versions of Fall Guys for the different platforms on which it is available. For example, on PS5 and Xbox Series X it plays in 4K.

How to get rewards

With this re-release, Fall Guys players will be able to get free items and rewards. To obtain them, it is necessary to have pre-registered.

The Epic Games Store announced a series of free items, which will be distributed based on the number of pre-registrations made:

  • 500K: Registered. Persevering alluvium identification plate.
  • 1M: Registered. 3,500 Commendations.
  • 1.5M: Registered. Hamburger print.
  • 2M: Registered. Muscle gesture.
  • 2.5M: Registered. Watermelon head costume.

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