Fall Guys: jumping, diving, wrangling – tips for beginners

Fall Guys Now Free2Play on PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X! We provide you with beginner tips for a cute race: In the fun party fun for in between, you will at best get the crown after you have left a maximum of 59 other players behind you. In the style of the Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle, your character sprints to the end of a level or completes team games like soccer, rolling a ball to the finish and more. After each round, players are eliminated. Whoever remains last in the final wins.

In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, however, it is not that easy to reach the final. For scurrying through the levels, you can only run, jump, dive and grab as well as a combination of these actions. In this little beginner’s guide, we’ll tell you our tactical tips on the way to the crown. In our Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout review, you’ll get an assessment of the cute party game.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Beginner’s Tips

With these tips you will master your way to the crown. Note: As of August 2020, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout was included with PS Plus membership on PS4. So PlayStation Plus subscribers got the adventure at no extra cost. Now the game has switched to the Free2Play segment and players on Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch or PC can enjoy the fun adventure.

Timing is (almost) everything

In Fall Guys you can use the analog stick to run (controller also advisable on the PC) as well as jumping, diving and grabbing

Attention seesaw!  In tight situations, it's better to wait than fall into the abyss!

Attention seesaw! In tight situations, it’s better to wait than fall into the abyss!

Source: PC Games

to disposal. You should time your jumps well so that you avoid obstacles or jump over chasms. You also use the jump in a group to catapult yourself forward and not be grabbed by other players. The forward dive will help you traverse through doors or propellers. If you play the digress game, you will also put distance between you and the opponent with a well-timed dive. In games like soccer, you “kick” the ball by diving. You also use the jump as a tackle against other players. Not only do you use grabs to hold other players, but you also pull ledges up. Plus, you’ll be grabbing the crown at the end of the game!

Get out of the crowd!

With 60 people in a level creates confusion. You will quickly be slowed down or, in the worst case, knocked out of the level by obstacles. This is sometimes even helpful in the midst of a crowd of fellow players. If you have to reach the end of a Fall Guys level, try to find a way that isn’t used that much. The difficult thing about it: Of course, all the other players try to do the same. On a lonely track, you have the advantage of fully concentrating on the obstacles. On slimy surfaces, you grab your opponents to cheat you past them. Also pay attention to obstacles with confetti optics. These catapult you back!

Beware, team games!

Rolling the ball to the target, soccer, stealing a tail – the team games in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout are often annoying. Without a lobby and players in the team chat, communication is difficult. The Rocket League-like soccer game involves two balls, making it doubly difficult. One of the players should camp at the center circle in order to immediately get the ball back into the opponent’s half after a goal.

Let the others go first so that you can find the right path.

Let the others go first so that you can find the right path.

Source: PC Games

Another player should be in their own half to defend random balls. Jump and dive should be combined here to give the balls a good boost.

In Ball-to-Target Rolling, part of the team should sabotage another team if they’re behind. This game usually takes place with three teams, with the last team being eliminated. Always keep an eye on the score in team games like balls-in-the-zone, team-digress or hop-through-the-rings! In these games, the score often turns in a few seconds. Chance plays a big role in Fall Guys, but you have even less control in team games because you rely on the skills of your fellow players.

Combines jumps, dives and grabs

You use jumping and diving in combination in the rings game. Jumping makes you hop up, diving forward. You can also use it when playing soccer. With a diver you give the ball a decent kick, as long as no player is blocking the way. Catching the ball in the air by jumping and diving is an art in itself. You should also be able to jump on edges and then pull up by grabbing. Especially in the finale, don’t forget to grab the crown with the R2 button (PS4)!

first? Only at the crown!

If you play the final, you don’t necessarily have to be first! Especially in the door game or the tiles where you have to find the right way! Give way to other players to have a higher chance of finding the right path. You just go with the flow in the level where you move rotating devices in your direction. Be sure to wait at the seesaws if one of the seesaws is tilted unfavorably. There should be no hectic pace here so that you can safely continue on your way.

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