Fall Guys servers crashed after its free-to-play launch

Mediatonic released Fall Guys in 2020 and the obstacle course game skyrocketed in popularity upon its release on PC and PS4 before fading after a few seasons. Now that Fall Guys has gone free-to-play, it looks like attention may have turned back to Mediatonic’s title, as their servers are experiencing issues.

Mediatonic developers have already apologized to players who were trying to play Fall Guys on its free-to-play release day which coincides with its debut on switch and Xbox. PC gamers have been able to play Fall Guys since its initial release, while PlayStation fans received the game from Mediatonic as a PlayStation Plus reward around the same time.

Now what Fall Guys has become free-to-play, the game has been removed from sale on Steam and added to the Epic Games Store for the first time just over a year after Epic Games acquired Mediatonic.

Although the first announcement that the Fall Guys servers were experiencing problems came several hours ago, Mediatonic gave another update confirming that the servers were still saturated. The developer stated that the server issue was due to a spilled cake with questionably dry frosting and ants making things worse, but the likely reality is that Fall Guys is experiencing a massive influx of players or has some back-end issues. end caused by the switch to free-to-play.

Some players have reported being able to access Fall Guys custom lobbies, but Mediatonic has also temporarily disabled the feature to fix further issues.

At the moment we will have to wait for new news from Mediatonic, or simply that the problems are resolved and everything returns to normal.

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