Fallout 3 for PC, goodbye to a feature after 13 years

It seems that hardcore fans of the series can finally replay the title on PC without having to install an annoying add-on that was long outdated. The PC version of Fallout 3 was in fact one of the few titles that featured the installation of Windows Live Game in order to take advantage of some in-game services, among these also the trophies. The Microsoft service repositories had expired and also the updates to the client, it was in fact a more defunct service that still could not shake off the title of Bethesda. Perhaps a coincidence that everything happens after 13 years from the official release of the game.

Through the Steam page of the product in fact it is possible to see the new patch notes that finally recites the words that surely many were waiting for. In fact, Fallout 3 is certainly one of the most loved titles in the series. Not for anything else, he was also the first to bring millions of players together for having completely changed the paradigm of approach to the series. He with Fallout New Vegas certainly represent the couple that brought new fans to the series and also made the rest of the world of Bethesda titles known. The software house that has given us so many masterpieces and that with the acquisition by Microsoft is preparing to enter a new phase.

If you have Fallout 3 on your PC already installed e you obviously also have Games for Windows Live, also from the Steam page they advise you to uninstall the title, update and perform a clean installation. If you want to continue using the deprecated Windows service for nostalgia, well… go ahead!

That said, we just have to wait for new news on Fallout 76 and why not, if you are interested take a look at what we published yesterday regarding some new news on Avowed, the new title of Obsidian!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more recent title, you must take a look here!

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