Fallout 5: This is what the game could look like under Unreal Engine 5

Some fans really have gold in their hands and can do some pretty wonderful things. This is the case with a certain “enfant terrible” who published a Fallout 5 video under Uneal Engine 5.

We know that Fallout 5 is officially in development since it was announced at E3 2022, but we also know that we won’t be able to play it for many years. As always with Bethesda games which have a very long development time, you have to be extremely patient.

A video concept to wait

A (talented) fan wanted to see and show the Fallout community and others what the game would look like under Unreal Engine 5. The result is quite stunning as you can see in the video above. The trailer in question features many “photo-realistic” locations and props from the Fallout series.

Amateur modder/developer Enfant Terrible has succeeded in modernizing the Fallout universe while maintaining the classic post-apocalyptic style that fans hold dear.

Fallout 5 not for now

For the moment we don’t know anything about Fallout 5 except that at Bethesda beyond Starfield, the priority remains the next episode of The Elder Scrolls saga:

The Elder Scrolls 6 is in pre-production. You know, we’re going to do Fallout 5 after this so our schedule is full for a while. We also have a few other projects that we review from time to time..

What do you expect from Post apo RPG? Do you have specific expectations both in terms of script and technical staging? Tell us everything comment.

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