Fameck Arab Film Festival 2022: Algeria, guest of honor

Algerian filmmakers, but also Arabs, manage to impose themselves more and more in international festivals. Among these is the Fameck Arab Film Festival, which will take place from October 6 to 16, 2022 in France. Organized by Cité Sociale and the Ligue de l’enseignement – ​​FOL Moselle, this event will offer more than 40 films, documentaries, feature films and short films.

The ten days of the Fameck Arab Film Festival will see a screening of several productions from several Arab countries. Including Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq… And this, with the objective of promoting emerging cinematography.

Algerian directors compete for the Grand Prize at the Fameck Arab Film Festival in France

As usual, this event invites several filmmakers to present and support their productions. And this, around several debates and exchanges. This year, two Algerian filmmakers are competing for the Grand Prize with other Arab directors. They are Omar Belkacemi with “Rêve (Argu)”, and Salah Isaad with “Soula”.

In “Dream (Argu)”, Omar Belkacemi retraces the life of a young man considered bizarre by the inhabitants of his village, because of his appearance and his singular behavior. Overnight, this young man finds himself stuck in a mental asylum following the decision of these villagers.

For his part, Salah Isaad recounts, thanks to “Soula”, the story and experience of a young single mother, chased away and rejected by her parents. “Soula” had recently won three prizes at the 26th edition of the Avanca Film Festival, which took place in Portugal.

Algeria guest of honor at the 33rd Arab film festival in Fameck

During the 33rd edition of the Fameck Arab film festival, and on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Evian agreements, Algeria will be the guest of honor. Indeed, this festival will honor a selection of ten Algerian achievements. Including auteur and genre cinemas, but also documentaries, indicate the organizers on their official website.

In addition, at the head of a jury made up of film professionals, there is a director of Algerian origins, in her capacity as president of the feature film jury for the 2022 edition. It is indeed the Algerian Mounia Meddour. The latter is known to her audience thanks to her film “Papicha”. But also “Horia” which will be released in theaters on March 15th.

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