Family doctors may be penalized if users have an abortion or have STIs

The proposal with the new evaluation criteria for family doctors of Family Health Units model B (USF-B) provides for the penalization of professionals whose users make voluntary terminations of pregnancy (IVG) or have sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

According to Público newspaper, family doctors, as well as other team members, may be assessed for voluntary terminations of pregnancy (IVG) carried out by the users of your list and the existence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in women.

At issue is the possible introduction of new evaluation criteria at USF-B “in specific activities, which is a component that allows teams to receive, according to the achievement of goals, a additional amount to base salary“.

The USF model B, compared to the A model, is more demanding, with greater autonomy and more financial incentives.

The new criteria were proposed by the Central Administration of the Health System (ACSS), validated by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), and the Health Policy Support Group in the area of ​​primary health care, and were sent to the Ministry of Health last year, which is still analyzing, refers the newspaper.

“THE family planning goal is to prevent unwanted pregnancy and [os médicos] they have to be evaluated for that”, points out to Público the coordinator for the reform of primary health care, João Rodrigues.

Quality is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is necessary to create conditions for pre-conception consultations, consultations for those who want to start their sex life. If I don’t have this indicator, I will never create stimuli for it. This indicator can and should help in the bet that should be made on prevention”, points out João Rodrigues.

The coordinator rejects the idea of ​​penalization, stressing that “what exists is a positive discrimination“.

“Whoever does well, receives a supplement”he says, since in addition to the basic salary there is this remuneration component associated with quality, according to indicators from the DGS.

“Surprise” that causes gender inequality

For the coordinator of the National Commission of General and Family Medicine of the National Federation of Physicians (FNAM), Carla Silva, this proposal was a complete surprise.

“We contest these indicators. This has implications for remuneration and nothing was discussed with the unions“, says the doctor to Público, stressing that the specific activities of the USF-B were defined by a decree-law and that this has not been altered.

Carla Silva also highlights that “the indicators of IVG and STIs can cause a practice of gender inequality in primary health care” and, therefore, FNAM sent a presentation to the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality.

In the document sent, FNAM “strongly repudiates gender inequality introduced with this surveillance” and defends “the immediate reformulation of this variable”.

FNAM says that the “monitoring of sexually transmitted diseases in women – monitoring that has no parallel in men – constitutes gender discrimination” and is “a sign of a civilizational setback”.

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