Family kept what they were wearing after the fire in their home in Colonia Oasis

Monday, May 09, 2022 | 6:08 p.m.

A woman with different abilities and her children were left with what they were wearing after the house in which they lived caught fire, for this reason they request the support of the neighbors with clothes for the children.

The incident occurred yesterday, Sunday, in a small house in Colonia Oasis, municipality of Jardín América, a place where accidentally, due to an electrical fault in one of the plugs, affected the entire humble house where Margarita R. (31) and her minor children Catalina R. (12) María Mercedes S. (11) and Marcos Sebastián S. (8).

From what Margarita R. described to the uniformed officers, she noticed that one of the plugs located about 1.70 meters high was on fire, so she alerted her children, managing to leave the place before the fire spread. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

The Territory, meanwhile, was able to speak with Graciela, the owner of the place, who, together with her husband, lent the house to Margarita R. and her children. The owner expressed to this medium: “The mother of the children has a maturational delay, at the time of the fire they were in the place and were able to leave on time, being for the moment housed in my house where I live together with my husband until we can rebuild a place so they can live again.”

In addition, he specified that both Margarita and the three minors need all kinds of elements to move forward. “They need mattresses, blankets, beds, kitchen service, clothes, since they were left with what they had on, unfortunately in material terms nothing could be saved and we must be thankful that they are fine, therefore everything they can donate is new or used. welcome, “he said.

In turn, the woman who owned the place that burned said: “Margarita is a very special woman, she says that I am her aunt of the heart, when they threw her in the street with the boys I took care of them, we stayed for five years in my house and the place that had been made for them was all by lung with my husband”.

“She receives a pension, before helping her she had nothing and they never did anything, that’s why I accompanied her with that, thank God she has the pension and she supports herself because she cannot work, since she is just like a child, you have to be looking out for her and what I admire most about Margarita is how she did to help her children get out of there because the minor could have been trapped in the fire, “he closed.

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