Family law: Marco Buschmann resigns "turning point in family law" at

What is a family? Justice Minister Buschmann wants to reform family law from the ground up and start doing so before the summer break.

Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann has a rapid general reform of family law announced. “The diversity of family life has increased,” said the FDP politician to our editorial team.

“So we need one turning point also in family law. Even before the summer holidays begin, we will present the first concrete reform proposals. As early as the next International Family Day, some of what we have planned should be in the law gazette.” International Family Day is an official commemoration day of the United Nations and takes place annually on May 15 – including this Sunday .

Family: Community of responsibility also for roommates

reforms would take place in naming law, descent law, child law and alimony law, the minister predicted. “With the community of responsibility, we also want to introduce a new legal institution.” The traffic light coalition is planning – as an alternative to marriage – a new model for partnerships.

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The new community of responsibility should also be open to friends or roommates. All people must be able to “self-determinedly realize their vision of a good life together,” emphasized Buschmann.

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