FanArt makes a fun ‘What If…’ between The Flintstones and Dragon Ball Z

We already have a return date for dragon ball super manga. But the truth is that we get a taste for hypothetical situations that could occur in alternate universes and we still don’t know it. This one that we are presenting to you below is perhaps one of the most unusual that we have seen, since it poses a crossover between the stories of Akira Toriyama and The Flintstones.

The stories of The Flintstones are part of the icons of popular culture. Written by Hanna-Barbera with first broadcast in 1960, they entertained and educated several generations around the world.

Fred Flintstone is a common worker who works for a minimum wage. He represents the American working class of that time, which is still seen in the United States and in much of the world.

He has a family, made up of Vilma and Pebbles, for whom he works to be the breadwinner.

Goku? It is nothing like what we have just described. In fact, it is precisely the opposite. But hey, at least he agrees that at some point his family was made up of his wife, Milk, and his little baby Gohan.

The Chilean illustrator Salvamakoto came up with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčillustrating the Dragon Ball characters with that style with which they drew William Hanna and Joseph Barberato make the ‘What If…’ or the most unexpected crossover of all.

The stories of The Flintstones do not escape the crossover. Those who grew up with these cartoons will remember the moment The Jetsons met The Flintstones in one episode.

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