Fans away from the stadium: sure it’s good?

Toro is not Cairo and cheering on Toro should first of all mean being close to the team: but today many fans are giving up on the stadium

A love relationship can be the most beautiful and romantic ever or the most troubled and tormented one can tell. Some stories tell of a continuous chasing each other without ever finding each other and without a reasonable motivation. Fans of a football team feel love for the shirt and the values ​​it represents. It is a different love, but it always contains the purity of this feeling. The one that the grenade fans experience towards their team, unfortunately, is one of the tormenting stories and, probably, among those in which we chase each other in vain. The feeling is not in question, but the way to live it.
“Tear along the edges” the animated series of Netflix, written and directed by the cartoonist Zerocalcare, describes a love story that for various reasons never finds an outlet, despite the fact that in both parts the feeling is present and sincere in the protagonists Zero and Alice . The fans of the Via Arcivescovado club today are experiencing a huge problem: fail anymore to live and enjoy the love they feel for their favorite team.

There is no more passion that drags them to live the deeds of those who wear the grenade shirt. Today many fans are giving up on the stadium. The reasons are multiple and understandable, generated and amplified by the difficult relationship with the current property. I admit that in the past I have often and willingly feared the scenario to see the deserted stadium to incentivize the president to put the Torino on sale. Unfortunately I’m afraid this doesn’t work. I honestly don’t know what else it takes to get the president to put the club up for sale. Certainly empty the stadium it can only induce the president to scale back investments because he might say “To build a competitive team for a square that brings few 7000 spectators into the house?” I am aware that the cause of this estrangement depends exclusively on the president to whom, only for the social experiment, the company should be confiscated for manifest inadequacy to the role. However, abandoning Toro, intended as an ideal and not as a current club, hurts us fans and Toro himself. In “Tear along the edges” Zero does not give confidence to his Alice in order not to appear as a “undertone”. Are we fans doing the same thing? Do we want to look cool and show, by not going to the stadium, that we are not slaves to a president who cannot manage (or worse, does not want to manage) the company as it should? We are sure they will desert the stadium is the right recipe? I ask myself these questions without wanting to provoke anyone, but with the serious intention of finding an answer for the good of the club I am a fan of.

Can a president, and even more so a president like Urbano Cairo, resist the sale of Bremer if the fans are totally detached? Because it’s for whom to create a competitive team if the stadium is practically empty? Yet this year with Juric the show is also getting better. The players and the coach himself deserve a little more closeness on our part and more consideration. Milinkovic Savic and Djidji are denying everyone, behind we are the second best defense, in midfield when we will also recover Mandragora, we are more solid, the attacking midfielders, assuming that the injuries no longer persist in this department, they are reliable players and we are finding Belotti.

I would like to make the entire supporters think that Toro is not Cairo and cheering Toro should first of all mean being close to the team. Personally, I largely disagree with the company’s operations (how could it be otherwise?), But at the same time dissent could be exposed at the stadium. I know that today is no longer the same as it used to be and that it is difficult to display banners that go against the current ownership, but there are alternative ways that I certainly don’t have to teach the fans to publicly expose their thoughts at the stadium. So let’s look inside and see how to support our kids who deserve our support. 7034 paying is a number that makes your eyes bleed just to read it. If we pull it off and do as Zero does, our love, like hers, will probably remain unfinished.

Tommaso pobega

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