Fans have started piecing together the GTA6 map based on leaks

This weekend’s massive Grand Theft Auto 6 leak gave us our first look at the game that Rockstar has been tinkering with for the past few years. Dozens of videos showcased several parts of the experience, and not unexpectedly, fans have poured over the clips to find out as much as possible.

On various online forums and Discord groups, some have begun the painstaking work of drawing up the world map from the game. As Kotaku writes, people spend hours upon hours sifting through the leaked videos to find landmarks and calculate positioning based on the game’s minimap.

It’s all come a long way, but to avoid trouble with Rockstar and publisher Take-Two, fans have had to get creative. Instead of images from the game, the maps are stitched together with similar images from Google Earth and drawings from MS Paint.

The article continues below the Twitter message.

Based on the calculations that have been made, it appears that the map becomes difficult. Twitter user Church of GTA posted an early version of the fan-made map on Thursday, with various buildings and neighborhoods plotted in.

All of this is of course based on an unfinished version of the game. A lot can change before launch, which by all accounts is several years away, and it’s important to point out that Rockstar has yet to show any official images or videos from Grand Theft Auto 6.

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