Fans point out that the Disney scenes that did cause a “trauma”

After the premiere of the tape “Lightyear” has given much to talk about, because in several countries its premiere was canceled because it contains a kiss between two women, Several users on social networks have pointed out that there are scenes that can cause greater “trauma” In the kids.

Next, we tell you what are the sequences of children’s movies that many have pointed out.

The public humiliation of Quasimodo

In the 1996 classic “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” One of the saddest scenes is when “Quasimodo” was publicly humiliated, because he had been locked up for 20 years, due to his physical appearance.

Although at first the whole town seemed to love him, when someone starts throwing tomatoes in his face, many proceed to continue with the attacks, making him suffer and physically damaging him.

Quasimodo can only ask for help, but nobody pays attention to him until “Esmeralda” appears.

Frollo’s Impure Desires

Also in the movie “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” something that draws attention is how “Frollo” becomes infatuated with “Esmeralda”, even though he is a religious manhe begins to have impure desires with her.

During the song “Hellfire” This character reveals that he has thoughts that many interpret as sexual towards her.

The attacks on the mother of “Dumbo”

One of the strongest scenes in this film, from 1941, is when the mother of “Dumbo” is attacked with whips when trying to protect her son, who is rejected by the circus trainers, due to his enormous ears.

Mother and son end up being separated, which many point to as one of the most shocking moments in Disney movies, taking into account the age of the viewers.

“Kala” finds the bodies of the parents of “Tarzan”

In 1999 “Tarzan” was released and one of the most impressive sequences is when “Kala” finds the parents of the protagonists, who are dead, and the scene is full of signs of aggression.

After this, the ape decides to adopt the little one and take him to the jungle.

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