FAQ: Battlefield 2042 – Ominous Mode "Hazard Zone" finally revealed – all information

It’s so ironic that Hazard Zone – the final major mode of Battlefield 2042 – is about snatching secret documents. Because so much supposedly secret information about Hazard Zone was leaked in advance that there are actually no more real surprises. Most of the leaks were right.

Hazard Zone won’t actually be a battle royale, but it will definitely be a legacy of the idea. As in Escape from Tarkov or Hunt: Showdown you have to get hold of a certain target on a large map with a squad of four and get away with it. The shooting of other teams is in theory a minor matter, in practice you naturally vie for the target with the competition.

But one rumor actually seems to be proving to be an aerial number: Hazard Zone very likely won’t be free. And with that, the competition to CoD Warzone is shaking tremendously. Let’s take a look at this.

Please show a trailer first

Okay, because you ask so kindly, there is of course an in-engine trailer in which you at least get a good idea of ​​the concept and mood of Hazard Zone:

Battlefield 2042: Trailer finally reveals Hazard Zone

DICE owes us real gameplay from Hazard Zone in the trailer, but we already have plenty of information on how the mode works.

How does Hazard Zone work now?

Hazard Zone doesn’t work like that Warzone. There is neither a single large map, nor 100 players, nor a gas circle that is getting smaller and smaller. Instead, 32 people (or 24 people on PS4 and Xbox One) are wrestling for secret documents – but you not only have to achieve your goals, you also have to leave the map safely with the loot. And it is not just human opponents who want you to get on with the leather. Let’s break down the facts.

  • Hazard Zone shares the map pool with the other major mode, All out Warfare. So there is for the launch of Battlefield 2042 seven cardswhere you can play Hazard Zone: Kaleidoscope, Manifest, Orbital, Discarded, Renewal, Hourglass and Breakaway.
  • As I said, the number of players is included 32 people on the pc. There is only for launch Four-player squadsWe don’t yet know whether duos, trios or solos will be possible later.
  • Each team member embodies a specialist. Unlike in All Out Warfare each specialist only once to get voted. This should ensure tactical diversity: If you take Boris and Irish with you, you can hide extremely well thanks to the turret, for example, but lose mobility in terms of mobility against teams with grappling hooks.
  • You can yours Loadout before the game you don’t have to collect everything on the map yourself as in Battle Royale.
  • As soon as a match starts you can for Scanner as with Hunt: Showdown’s shadowy vision, seeing the rough whereabouts of the valuable Intel targets. There are multiple packets of data – and you can collect as many as you want until the match ends.
  • On the way to the goal you will encounter both enemy players and so-called players Occupying Forces, so AI enemies.
  • There are two times when one Extraction is possible: Around the middle of the match and towards the end. Teams should agree how risk-friendly they play, because if you miss the last extraction, you lose everything.

Battlefield 2042 – View screenshots from Hazard Zone

And what do I get from winning matches?

If you bring the loot home with you, experience points will be raining, which will also unlock you for the regular multiplayer modes – and you will receive so-called Dark Market Credits. You can use them to buy new weapons, gadgets and the like between missions in order to put together your desired loadout for the next round of Hazard Zone. So here too: like with Hunt and Tarkov.

What if i die?

In relation to life, we cannot answer that for you, the world religions provide different concepts, but in Hazard Zone you can crawl to safety if you are shot down. The colleagues then ideally revive you. As in Apex, however, enemy teams can finally kill you on the ground.

But there is also a counterattack for this: if you pack a special gadget in the loadout, you can also call permanently deceased team members back into the match.

For every successfully extracted Intel drive, we get credits that we invest in better equipment, revives for our colleagues and upgrades like faster healing.

Wird Hazard Zone Free2Play?

We have already touched on it above, but as things stand at the moment you have to buy Battlefield 2042 regularly for Hazard Zone. In the run-up, there was a lot of speculation whether DICE would outsource the mode as a free Free2Play expansion – just like with Warzone – to better face the highly competitive shooter market. According to initial rumors, Battlefield 2042 should definitely get a free component. It is not yet completely ruled out that Hazard Zone will ultimately appear as a Free2Play variant, but it does not look like it at the moment.

Will Battlefield 2042 be good now?

The beta for Battlefield 2042 caused quite a controversial response – also here in our editorial team. Our Battlefield expert Phil Elsner states that BF2042 is basically on the right track, but until Release am 19. November 2021 DICE urgently needs to fix bugs and balancing problems.

According to the developer, the beta was an outdated picture, but a recent report claims the opposite. You can hear the pros and cons of the current Battlefield 2042 in detail in our expert podcast with Fabian Siegismund:

Link to Podcast content

By the way, your community feedback on Battlefield 2042 is currently rather mixed. We will of course keep you up to date on all developments in Hazard Zone – it won’t be long before the launch.

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