Far Cry 6, the Lost Between Worlds DLC would be very close: details from Tom Henderson

With the release of the Game of the Year edition of Far Cry 6 last October, ubisoft confirmed that additional DLC, Lost Between Worldsis scheduled for the sixth main chapter of the series, although so far it has not been specified what it is and above all when it will be available.

More details about the additional content are now revealed by the well-known insider Tom Hendersonwhich it hints as the debut of Lost Between Worlds it could be very close according to some clues found in the store database Playstation And Xboxes from some of its sources. Specifically, Henderson reports the existence of a new artwork connected to the DLC, which would see a character in front of a large multiverse-like portal, with different settings of Far Cry 6 inside.

The presence of this portal suggests that in the additional content it will be possible to move through these portals to instantly reach the various locations on the island of Yara where the game is set. In addition, they would also have been discovered 11 new achievements arriving within the production, presumably through the DLC.

Henderson concludes his speech by assuming that the official reveal of Lost Between Worlds could take place during the Game Awards 2022 confirmed for December 8th. Provided that Ubisoft does not want to anticipate the times by revealing all the details on its next downloadable content for Far Cry 6 even earlier.

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