Farc atrocities are comparable to the Nazi Holocaust: victims

The three days of hearings before the Special Jurisdiction for Peace. There the seven members of the last secretariat of the FARC recognized the war crimes and of It hurts humanity for the kidnappings. In these days the testimonies of the victims were heartbreaking and showed the horror of captivity to the point of witnessing how the guerrillas dismembered their victims.

For more than nine hours victims of kidnappings for territorial control narrated the horrors experienced by the people who were taken to the mountain with the excuse that they were a threat or falsely accused of belonging to an armed group enemy of the Farc. Such was the madness of the guerrillas that they came to dismember many hostages.

Another harrowing story was that of Aura Saavedra who told like his father in the midst of his captivity he implored the FARC to kill him and thus avoid further suffering.

The victims wound is still open and for Memphis Molano the exfarc they have to do a real recognition and not symbolicbecause the atrocities what they did with the kidnapped they can’t get past crouching.

The law of life, as Vladimiro Bayona says, is that children bury their parentsbut in your case hopes to recover the body of his son what was it kidnapped, murdered and disappearedto give him a dignified farewell and implored Paul Catatumbomember of the last secretariat of the Farc Tell him where his remains are.

During these three days 29 victims gave their testimony hoping for justice for their cases. Now the JEP will wait 15 days to receive the observations of the accredited victims in case 01 of kidnappings and make a resolution where will be known if all or some member of the last secretary of the FARC will face trialwhich if defeated would pay a penalty of up to 20 years in jail.

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