“Farmer is looking for a wife” – Félix settles accounts with his lady-in-waiting

Animal Zoff at “Farmer is looking for a woman – International”!

When coffee farmer Félix (55) decided against one of his court ladies in a row five on Monday evening, the hut burned. The dumped woman didn’t want to put up with the decision at all and scolded her like a sparrow.

The farmer was shocked. A life together with him Both women could imagine themselves in Peru. And that, although the living conditions of the emigrant take some getting used to. Félix could offer his visitors neither hot water nor extra guest rooms.

Félix wasn't as good as here this time

Félix wasn’t as boisterous this time as he was herePhoto: RTL

While beautician Simone (58) came to terms with the situation, waitress Monika (48) preferred to spend the nights in the hotel. A trip to the Tyrolean evening in the middle of nowhere in Peru calmed things down for the time being. But the next day, of all people, Monika, who was otherwise so talkative, was very taciturn.

She felt that her farmer didn’t pay enough attention to her. “A man has to show me that he wants me. That’s why I’m a bit reluctant.” The native Czech waited for his initiative and hoped: “Something MUST happen today.”

When Félix was unable to repair the hot water tank, however, Monika maneuvered herself further out. She informed him: “Then I will continue to sleep in the hotel.”

That was enough for the farmer. Although only half of the farm week has been completed, he had made a decision and asked Monika for a one-on-one interview. She couldn’t believe her ears. The bachelor said what he thought of her: “I think you’re more comfortable. It seems difficult for you to imagine living here.”

Monika dropped her jaw. She obviously hadn’t expected a basket. According to Félix, the fault was hers. “We couldn’t really get to know each other because you were always at the hotel.”

“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Monika has to go

A representation that Monika saw very differently. “I showed initiative, came here specially, asked questions. Today we talked a bit. But that’s not enough,” she complained. Félix held up the 48-year-old: “You didn’t give me a chance to show you my interest.”

He countered, “You were always gone.” And then made it clear to her: “Now it’s too late.” The words hit his admirer hard. When the farmer then indicated that he was genuinely interested in her competitor Simone instead, Monika was flabbergasted.

She tried again to persuade the farmer to change his mind. “I’ve traveled thousands of miles. That wasn’t easy for me. But I came here to show you my interest.”

But her reasoning didn’t change anything about the decision. Monika finally had to accept that and packed her suitcase.

Thick air with Monika (left) and Simone

Thick air with Monika (left) and SimonePhoto: RTL

When she left, she stormed in the direction of the farmer: “You push me away cold. That’s unfair!”

The laughing third party was rival Simone, who had Félix to herself and was served a sumptuous breakfast the next morning. About the first night together, the 58-year-old revealed with a meaningful smile: “Of course we got a little closer. But it didn’t come to the end.”

At least nobody bothers them anymore…

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