“Farmer is looking for a wife – International” – Farmer Justin races into love

Lightning love at “Bauer sucht Frau – International”!

Farmer Justin (30) from Alsace sets a rapid pace in the dome show. Between him and lady-in-waiting Stefanie (34) there was such a spark that both are already taking the next step.

Since rival Maureen (29) had to leave the field, the lovebirds have been enjoying their togetherness to the fullest. Justin already gave his dream woman a heart necklace so that she wouldn’t forget him after the court week. But that won’t happen to the Austrian any time soon. She too is in love.

Stefanie (right) with her opponent Maureen (left) – she had to leave the field

Stefanie (right) with her opponent Maureen (left) – she had to leave the fieldPhoto: RTL

The doctor’s assistant even cut a good figure on his tractor and was already dreaming of the future. “If I move here, he can do the work in the fields while I go to work as usual. And when I’m free, I’d like to help him.” Meanwhile, Justin was amazed: “Stefanie can even drive a tractor.”

The 34-year-old also gets on really well with his parents. Papa Claude gave her a delicious apple pie for her birthday. The celebrant raved about his future daughter-in-law: “You are a real ray of sunshine on our farm.” At the end of the day, there was another surprise for the 52-year-old and his wife.

Justin and Stefanie wanted to tell you something important. Dad joked: “Well, are you a happy married couple now?” Then his son beamed with joy and winked: “Absolutely!” That’s how Justin’s parents found out that he and Stefanie are now together.

A moment that reminded the senior of how he found great love back then. Claude shared: “Agnes and I met at a dance 33 years ago. She was a stroke of luck.” He also wishes his son a partnership like that.

Austrian Stefanie could hardly believe her luck. “It’s wonderful that the Hofwoche ended like this. It couldn’t be better.” In the meantime, the young woman has made nails and moved to her Justin. Wedding bells might be ringing soon.

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