Fast and furious: five thieves took over a house in City Bell

The corner of 26 and 467, where 5 criminals staged a violent assault on a retired couple / d. alday

There is a widespread belief that there is no safer place than the privacy of the home, where crime prevention resources, such as bars, alarms, security cameras, reinforced openings and even guard dogs, are commonplace in our city. However, judging by what reality itself is showing, none of this is an insurmountable obstacle when organized groups take action.

An example of this serious situation was recorded last Sunday night in City Bell, where a gang of five thieves attacked a retired couple.

According to what this newspaper could know, the assault took place in a building located on the corner of 26th and 467th streets, around 8:30 p.m.


As the case emerged during yesterday’s session, this newspaper went to the scene to collect the testimonies of the victims.

However, in his absence, it was some neighbors who ended up saying that the victims, around 70 years old, surely chose to spend the hours after the assault with some relatives they have in the area.

Based on these stories, the brutal episode provoked signs of growing indignation at the growing insecurity, which ceased to be a sensation.

One of the frentistas, who for fear of a possible retaliation asked not to be identified, provided EL DIA with details of the robbery.

“There were five assailants and they entered the house after cutting a section of the perimeter fence of the house, on the side that faces 26th Street,” he said.

Immediately, he commented that the gang toured the large park of the property and, after breaking a door, apparently by using a crowbar, they came face to face with the surprised and terrified retirees, who were in the middle of dinner.

The assailants immediately began to display not only threatening words, but also acts of cruelty.

In this regard, the same informant explained that “the man was hit in the head with two strong rifle butts, which caused at least one sharp wound.”


“Once the criminals escaped, the robbed pensioner went out into the street screaming and that’s when everyone in the neighborhood found out about the terrible moment they had to live through due to this act of insecurity,” reflected the neighbor.

A few minutes were enough for the block to be filled with patrol cars, police officers and even a SAME ambulance.

“The doctors checked the man for the blows to the head, which although he had it battered, they considered that his transfer to a hospital was not necessary,” he stated.

What he could not assert is whether the criminals also mistreated the retiree’s wife, although the first versions indicated that they did not or would have done so.

When asked about the belongings that were stolen from the couple, he said he was not aware of the loot.

However, in police circles it was mentioned that the gang had seized “160,000 pesos and some valuables.”

With the typical nervousness of a traumatic situation like the one that this elderly couple had just suffered, they must have been emotionally contained by relatives and neighbors.

“I don’t know if that same night or the next morning, they were taken by relatives to their house, so that they would be calmer. But then they came back,” said another neighbor who agreed to speak with this newspaper.

The man also said he knew that “this couple has been renting this house for about a year. Over there, as the house is spacious and with a good park, the criminals will have assumed that they are people with a lot of money.


This same neighbor maintained that the assault on the house of said retirees is part of a present that has those who reside in that area on edge, due to repeated cases of insecurity.

“There are many robberies around here, including break-ins in homes. But there are also frequent assaults on the street”, he denounced.

“The same ones who assaulted these retirees, shortly after they did the same to a boy who was going to enter the car in his house,” he concluded.

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