FC Bayern: "Sorry habib" – Gnabry apologizes for the crazy scene at Müller

Thomas Müller (right) and Serge Gnabry (second from right) were particularly clumsy in one scene against Eintracht Frankfurt. IMAGO / district photo

Jannik Sauer

The new season has barely started and FC Bayern’s offensive is already learning to fear the competition. At the start of the Bundesliga on Friday evening, the Munich team beat Europa League winners Eintracht Frankfurt furiously 6-1. A week earlier, FCB had scored a handful of goals in the 5-3 Supercup triumph against RB Leipzig.

At least at the start of the season, coach Julian Nagelsmann managed to temporarily forget the goalscorer Robert Lewandowski, who had moved to FC Barcelona. Instead of the Pole, Serge Gnabry and new signing Sadio Mané stormed at the front against Frankfurt, with Jamal Musiala and Thomas Müller whirling behind them.

Gnabry and Müller fail alone in front of goalkeeper Trapp

But no matter how well the interaction between the four worked, not everything went smoothly at the start of the season. Above all, a missed big chance by Thomas Müller caused malice after the game. “This scene is probably already circulating on the Internet,” said Müller amused in an interview with Sat.1 after the game.

What happened? He and Serge Gnabry ran freely to Eintracht goalkeeper Kevin Trapp in the 24th minute when the score was 2-0. Gnabry played the ball imprecisely in Müller’s back, who shot it against the post from a few meters when it fell. From there he bounced back against the head of the miller who was lying on the ground – and then rolled to the side.

Even when lying down, Thomas Müller didn't get the ball into the goal.

Even when lying down, Thomas Müller didn’t get the ball into the goal.PixelIMAGO / Jan Huebner

In retrospect, from Bayern’s point of view, the missed opportunity can be overcome, as the victory went so clearly to the record champions. The fact that the anger was not only great for Müller at the moment is shown by the following tweet, which the people of Munich released in disbelief shortly after the action.

Some Twitter users couldn’t contain their amusement at the failed shot on goal. One spoke of the “non-goal of the decade”, another is sure that the curious action will not be missing in any review of the season.

Gnabry takes the blame

Thomas Müller himself endured it with humor. He posted a picture of the miss on Instagram and wrote, “What a way to start the season.” He added several emojis – including one that laughs tears.

Probably the most prominent contribution to this comes from template provider Serge Gnabry himself. “Sorry habib,” wrote the winger under Müller’s post, referring to his bad pass. An apology that Müller should certainly accept in view of the negligible sporting effects of the action.


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