FC Schalke: mood in the cabin is bubbling because of two sensitive issues

Danny Latza (left) and Alex Kral are currently causing dissatisfaction internally at Schalke.Image: IMAGO/RHR Photo

Jannik Sauer

After seven Bundesliga match days, second division champions FC Schalke 04 have only one win to show for themselves. On the other hand, there are three defeats and three draws, making the bottom line six meager points.

The euphoria that prevailed in Gelsenkirchen after the ascent has long since evaporated. Club legend Mike Büskens voluntarily gave up the coaching position and moved into second place behind the new head coach Frank Kramer. Many fans did not react enthusiastically to his commitment in July. Also because of the lack of sporting success, nothing has changed in the sober relationship with the new coach.

The fact that Schalke had to tighten their belts and bury their top club ambitions for the time being was already evident before the season. The Knappen defense chief Ko Itakura had to let go without resistance because they simply didn’t have the money for a permanent commitment of the Japanese after the loan.

Schalke argues about Latza’s shoes

In addition to the current sporting sadness at Schalke, there are now two more sensitive issues that have less to do with football. There are Danny Latza’s shoes, which the captain wore in the first five league games. They should according to a report by “Bild” have caused internal friction at Schalke because they have the colors of archrival Borussia Dortmund, namely black and yellow.

Apparently Latza has now been talked into his conscience: the midfield clearer has been wearing white shoes for two games. But only on the sidelines, because he was on the bench for 90 minutes against Stuttgart and Dortmund.

Danny Latza (second from left) is currently only on the bench at Schalke.

Danny Latza (second from left) is currently only on the bench at Schalke.Image: IMAGO/Revierfoto

Kral polarizes with sports cars

Newcomer Alex Kral, the originator of the second excitement topic, also seems to be out at the moment. The Czech didn’t play at all against Stuttgart and only in the last quarter of an hour against Dortmund. Could that possibly have something to do with the fuss surrounding his sports car?

Because Kral’s Lamborghini Huracán should also have the “forbidden” colors black and yellow, writes “Bild”. Internally, he is said to have been reprimanded for the sports car. Supposedly less because of the color choice, but rather for the signal that emanates from it.

Alex Kral joined Schalke 04 from Spartak Moscow before the start of the season.

Alex Kral joined Schalke 04 from Spartak Moscow before the start of the season. Image: IMAGO / RHR photo

At a time when many people are worried about not being able to pay their energy bills, the club’s management should not agree to the players driving through the city in such flashy sports cars.

It remains to be seen whether Kral and Latza can redeem themselves by giving in and complying with the wishes of the club’s management. However, it is also unclear to what extent their bank places are related to the irritations off the pitch.

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