FEATURE: Here are the SSDs you can use with PlayStation 5

In a recent update, Sony launched the possibility to use M.2 SSDs in PlayStation 5 for everyone. This means that one can get extended, lightning-fast storage for far more games – if one opens the wallet.

Sony has made a simple introductory video on how to install these, and it appears that one needs an SSD with a suitable cooling solution to prevent heat generation.

Sony recommends an SSD with a read speed of at least 5500 MB per second, something you get with most of the most popular PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs.

It is also possible to install a cooling solution on the SSD itself, and these cost anything from a few hundred bucks up to a thousand bucks. You can, for example, get them with RGB for around 500-600 kroner, but it does not matter much on a console, as the SSD is not visible.

In practice, this means that any SSD that is fast enough can work, as long as you install a cooling solution yourself.

Get choices

We have nevertheless taken a quick look at the market to find out what are the most popular, compatible storage media here in Norway today – without you having to buy separate cooling.

COMPATIBLE: The SN850 series is one of very few products on the market that lives up to Sony’s recommendations. Photo: Western Digital

So far, there are not many products to choose from. With a read speed of over 5500 MB / s, a minimum of 250 GB of storage and cooling fins, you have to go out quickly with quite a lot of money. To get something at a reasonably reasonable price, one must base oneself on buying an SSD of between 500 GB and 2 TB.

The only candidates are then:

Seagate is the only manufacturer that offers storage from 500 GB all the way up to 4 TB with cooling fins – then fast to well over 10,000 kroner.

Samsung has announced that they will launch a version of their 980 Pro with built-in cooling during 2021, specifically designed for PlayStation 5.

There are also some pitfalls to consider. Follow the website Nascompares There are several M.2 SSDs with cooling solution and high enough speed, but these do not fit in the PlayStation 5 due to the size or shape of the cooling fins.

Of the product on sale in Norway, this supposedly applies to Corsair’s Force MP600 series, XPG’s Gammix S70 series and PNY’s XLR CS3140 series. With these, one must in that case remove the cooling fins and install new ones.

Can get better performance with cooling

Digital Foundry did some tests of the speeds in early August, where they compared the internal SSD in the PS5 against a Samsung 980 Pro M.2 SSD with and without cooling fins. In the square of Novigrad in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the 980 with cooling fins loaded the stage about half a second faster than the version without cooling, which in turn was about three seconds faster than the internal SSD. In the White Orchard, the difference in practice was zero between all three.

They also showed that the 980 with cooling fins was about 2.6 seconds faster in CyberPunk 2077, but in Battlefield 5, on the Nordlys map, the internal SSD was three seconds faster than the 980 Pro again.

The reading speed of the 980 Pro M.2 was measured at around 6510 MB / s in the PlayStation 5’s internal measuring tool.

There are thus hardly any major differences in performance with and without cooling fins, but high temperatures can have a significant effect on the life of the SSD. Therefore, it is probably wise to listen to Sony.

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