Featured in the cinema hall get a special experience – see why

“Aksel” has received state support, one of the requirements when receiving such support is to interpret the film visually. For Svindal and the production company Field Production, it was important to take the visual interpretation seriously, and they receive praise from the spectators in the hall.

– There are some things in society that are difficult and not accessible to everyone. We all have different linings. If, for example, you can not see, then it is a huge challenge, says Svindal to Good evening Norway, and continues:

– A lot of what we have in society is set up for us to be able to see. But then there are some things that it turns out we can do something about. If you can not deliver something that is one hundred percent the same experience, then you can at least deliver something that is so good that you can take part in society – and go to the cinema with friends.

The video at the top of the case shows what it was like at the visually interpreted preview, and learn how the blind can watch movies.

ENJOY THE MOVIE: The film has received five dice in many media, and the visually impaired audience was also very impressed. Photo: Martin Habbestad / TV 2

Blind got its own premiere

Wednesday night is the party premiere for the film about Aksel Lund Svindal at the Coloseum in Oslo. On Friday, it premieres in the rest of the country.

Even before the party premiere, there was one gang that got to see the film before everyone else.

On Wednesday morning, selected members from the Norwegian Association of the Blind got to see “Aksel” visually interpreted in the cinema hall of Deichmanske in Bjørvika.

– Now this is a very strong and good film, so it was a great experience. As a blind person, it gives great value that it is visually interpreted, so I get as much as possible from the information that viewers also receive, says Secretary General of the Norwegian Association of the Blind, Per Inge Bjerknes.

He himself has a rare retinal disease that causes him to gradually have reduced vision. Now he has a residual vision of less than one percent.

The event takes place in connection with “World Vision Day”, which is 14 October. This is a day where one tries to focus on those in society with vision problems.

Svindal reveals vision problems

Another who was present was Even Amdal, who is head of Samsung in Norway. It was Samsung that ensured that the sound experience of the cinema-goers was optimal, and had equipped the cinema with high-level sound technology.

– We take sound seriously. We experience that we have a social responsibility in relation to the visually impaired and the blind also being able to be included in society. In this context, it is natural for us to include and include the Association of the Blind.

Svindal, who himself participated in this event, says that he has experienced vision problems himself.

– When I was younger I had a lot of migraine attacks. I noticed this when I became dizzy, cold sweats and began to lose my sight.

He explains that parts of his field of vision disappear, and that this creates difficult situations. Once, when he was gathering before an alpine race, the migraine attack was so severe that he had to lie in a black cell for two days. Another time he lost his sight behind the wheel and had to stop the car.

– It is terribly uncomfortable when you are used to the sight being there. You take it for granted.

BETS ON SOUND: Per Inge Bjerknes (left) and Even Amdal are both interested in good sound.

BETS ON SOUND: Per Inge Bjerknes (left) and Even Amdal are both interested in good sound. Photo: Line Haus / TV 2

Wants more to come on the field

Svindal points out that he does not want to compare this must be visually impaired, and believes they have far greater challenges than him in everyday life. He also points out that it has been a long time since he has had a seizure.

Bjerknes says that the Norwegian Association of the Blind is particularly dependent on two things in the future:

– That the authorities set requirements for visual interpretation and that there are market players such as Samsung, who take this seriously and make this actually widespread in all areas, so that visually impaired people can have the same experiences as others.

He also hopes that more TV series will soon be interpreted visually. As things stand today, it is largely only films that require visual interpretation.

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