Fede Bal exposed for the first time the unfortunate situation he experienced in the past

In recent days, the influencer Chapu Martínez suffered a great deal of hate due to his trip to Qatar, which caused a large part of the Internet community to come out to defend him. One of them was Coscu, who shared a message about the situation to try to calm down the people who threatened his colleague. Finally, today Fede Bal chimed in with a story, though it took aim at the streamer.

The influencer was not convinced by his colleague’s attitude. Source: (Gossiping)

The renowned actor shared on his instagram a post that Clarín had made where they said that the streamer had put “I ask you to please stop, start to encourage and stop with the hate for free”, to which Fede Bal commented “Really Martin?” “I remember when you reacted to absolutely everything he did, you made me delirious, you took me down from events and you sent your army to hate me,” said the media outlet, although he tried to end it on a positive note.

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