FEDECRÉDITO System invites you to continue participating in the Easy Win promotion

The FEDECRÉDITO System recently carried out the second draw of the GANA EASY promotion where the winners of these fabulous prizes were announced: 3 Volkswagen SAVEIRO pick up, 20 Suzuki motorcycles, 30 cash prizes of US $ 500.00, 30 cash prizes of US $ 250.00, 60 cash prizes of US $ 200.00 and 90 cash prizes of US $ 100.00, making a total of 233 awards.

Likewise, executives detailed that it will be in force until January 2022.

Participating in this incredible promotion is easy, all partners and clients are assigned an electronic number when carrying out the following financial operations: payment of the current monthly loan fee, contracting of Loans, payment of the Popular Credit fee, collection of Family Remittances. , opening or renewal of Term Deposit, opening or increase of the Crece Mujer Savings Account, opening or increase of Savings Account, obtaining Debit and Credit Cards of the FEDECRÉDITO SYSTEM, for every US $ 100.00 accumulated in purchases with Credit Cards SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO Debit and Credit and for every US $ 75.00 accumulated in cash withdrawals with the Credit Cards of the FEDECRÉDITO SYSTEM.

They can get two electronic numbers to participate When carrying out these financial operations in FEDE MÓVIL and FEDE BANKING, they may also receive an additional electronic number when making your transfers through My QR of FEDE MÓVIL.

During the raffle in November, Lic. Julián Mendoza, Municipal Delegate of San Salvador was present to attest and legality of the raffle.


“We are happy to carry out the second draw of our great GANA FÁCIL promotion with which we reward the preference of hundreds of Salvadorans who use the financial products and services offered by the Credit Institutions and the Workers’ Banks of the FEDECRÉDITO SYSTEM. We invite you to continue carrying out your financial operations because there is still the last draw that comes loaded with many prizes “, commented Licda. Claudia Ábrego de Méndez, Communications Manager at FEDECRÉDITO.

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