Federal police: Essener pulls the emergency brake in Bottrop main station for no reason

Not only once did a man pull the emergency brake on trains between Bottrop and Essen. The federal police arrested him temporarily.

In Bottrop main station, an Essener is said to have pulled the emergency brake on the S9 stopping there on Wednesday lunchtime – and apparently for no reason. And not for the last time that day. The federal police are now investigating the man.

The man drove from Bottrop to Essen-West

After the emergency braking incident at around 11.30 a.m. in Bottrop main station, the man used a train to Essen-West station, according to witnesses, left it and boarded another S-Bahn stopping there. There he is said to have pulled the emergency brake of the S3 ready to go.

Railway employees finally held the man, a Nigerian citizen, until the federal police officers arrived. They temporarily arrested the 27-year-old and brought him to the police station. He did not want to comment on his actions.

Research showed that the man, known to the police, had already become conspicuous in several shops in Essen’s main train station. There he asked for free food and reacted angrily to the answers.

The federal police initiated an investigation against the man, among other things, for the abuse of emergency aid facilities.

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