Federal Police: Shopping trolleys on rails again – S9 S-Bahn accident

Marl / Wanne-Eickel.
A train on the S9 S-Bahn crashed into a shopping cart on the route near Marl on Wednesday evening. The second case within a few days.

An S-Bahn line S9 crashed into a shopping cart on the rails on Wednesday evening in Marl. Rail traffic was disrupted for almost two and a half hours.

At around 7.30 p.m., the driver suddenly discovered an object on the rails behind the Recklinghausen main station. He initiated an emergency stop, but could not prevent his S-Bahn from hitting the obstacle.

Shopping carts wedged under the S-Bahn

The incident happened near the street Lipper Weg in Marl-Hüls. The obstacle turned out to be a shopping cart. He was wedged under the S-Bahn due to the force of the impact, said a spokeswoman for the federal police on Thursday morning on request. “The S-Bahn was finally able to go at walking pace to Haltern station,” said the spokeswoman. The 52
Passengers on the train could then get off there.

It was only on Friday a week ago that a freight train crashed into a shopping cart on the tracks near Wanne-Eickel. There, too, the police assume that the car was “placed” there, meaning that it was deliberately placed there. The police are not ruling out a connection between the cases and are in the process of evaluating evidence, said the spokeswoman. However, there are still no findings.

Railway line remained closed for almost two and a half hours

Was it destructive? An attack? The Federal Police do not want to speculate about the possible motive of the perpetrator (s). In both cases, the perpetrator or the perpetrators would have used the darkness, said the spokeswoman.

The S9 railway was closed until 9:50 p.m., and there were significant disruptions in rail traffic, reported the federal police. Criminal proceedings were initiated against the previously unknown perpetrators because of dangerous interference with rail traffic. In addition, the Federal Police is also looking for witnesses and asks for relevant information on the free service number 0800/6 888 000 or at any police station.

According to the federal police, it cannot be ruled out that further cases will pile up. One tries to take preventive action as well. But the chances of discovering perpetrators in the act are probably not too high, according to the Federal Police: The Dortmund Federal Police Inspection, which is responsible for the two cases, has around 2,330 kilometers of rail network and almost 200 passenger stations and stops with the federal police districts Dortmund Hbf, Essen Hbf, Hagen Hbf, Recklinghausen Hbf, Gelsenkirchen Hbf and Dortmund Airport. (dae)

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