Felipe Bianchi recognizes the good moment of Colo Colo, but warns: “there is a loose key, which works poorly”


Colo Colo defeated Curicó Unido for date 12 of the National Championship. The albos, after a great first half, were prey to fatigue and ended up suffering.

“There is a loose key that is malfunctioning”
© Image file / Agency One“There is a loose key that is malfunctioning”

Colo Colo accounted for Curicó Unido by 2 goals to 1 with goals from Lucero and Suazo. The albos, knew how to suffer the match, since the local team attacked with everything in the second half to discount and then try to find the tie. However, the Cacique held on and took the three points that allow him to continue as exclusive leaders.

Those led by Leandro Stillitano began in the best possible way after both El Gato and El Capitan, however, during the second half the rigor of wear and tear of recent months began to be felt and Curicó was close to achieving a tie.

Felipe Bianchi spoke of the above. The ESPN F Team panelist referred to what Colo Colo is missing, despite his good football moment.

According to the journalist, “it was important for Colo Colo to win to maintain that spirit that implies being the sole leader of the tournament, but I think that just as he confirmed all his good things in the first half, he also confirmed that there is a key that is loose, malfunctioning or out of place on the piano”.

“Regardless of the rival, the tournament, the characteristics, the need for points or not, Colo Colo continues to experience exactly the same thing every game: at 70 minutes I am not saying that it dies, but there is an evident change”, he added in the television program.

Regarding the reasons for this physical decline, Bianchi has no doubts that “Surely it has to do with the fact that Quinteros has not been able to do aNo bet on someone who can replace the 11 starters that we already know who they are”.

Colo Colo has already left behind the victory against the Curicanos and they are already focused on what will be the game this Saturday, May 14, against Coquimbo Unido at the Monumental Stadium.

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