Femicide in Ayacucho: a woman with a neuronal disability was found murdered and her brother-in-law was arrested

Sunday, September 18, 2022 | 8:22 p.m.

A woman with a neurological disability was found murdered in a house in the Buenos Aires town of Ayacucho and for the femicide they arrested a brother-in-law of the victim, with whom she shared the house, police and judicial sources reported today.

The fact was discovered this Saturday in a building on Moreno and Martín Fierro streets, in the aforementioned town located 323 kilometers from the center of the province of Buenos Aires, where Patricia Diana Jara (39) lived with her sister and her partner. .

According to the sources, it all started when Jara was found dead on her bed, in supine position, with signs of hanging.

The investigators met with the owner of the house, identified by the Police as Diego Jesús Bonomo (31), who assured them that he had found the body around noon.

Prosecutor Roberto Miglio Salmo intervened in this situation, in charge of the Early Decision Unit (UDT) specialized in Gender Violence of the Dolores Judicial Department, who ordered the man’s apprehension.

In turn, he requested this morning the judge of Guarantees 3 of Dolores, Gastón Giles, the formal arrest of Bonomo, who will be investigated this Monday for the crime of “aggravated homicide” (femicide), which provides for a life sentence.

“The victim was sleeping when she was attacked. Neither her sister nor the minors who lived in the same house heard any noise. There is no violence at that address,” a source with access to the file told Télam.

The result of the autopsy performed on Jara’s body determined that he died as a result of “a traumatic cardiac arrest due to airway obstruction”, and the investigators ruled out that he had suffered an attempted sexual abuse.

According to sources, the victim had a neurological disability for which she was treated at the local hospital in Ayacucho and had lived with her sister, her partner and their children for almost a year.

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